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London based contemporary artist with Balkan roots enhanced by the Spanish spirit where I lived for many years.
Self-taught abstract painter, performer and clothes designer
Creativity and talent I discovered in my late 20’s, and I believe they choose me.
Hard background, being a refugee twice and growing in Balkanic wars has left a strong scars
Persistence, stubbornness and a strong passion for life and desire to continue even though the big loneliness and hard challenges, they never left me
These were the best moments to create

My art is all about it. Modern art with a combination of traditional and modern technique. Going from one extreme to another bypassing anything in the middle. Colourful, strong, mix textures, different materials, fulfilled with love and passion. Purport to be free, to be what you are and do not be afraid to step out of the crowds. Express yourself without the approval of others.
Life, moments, spirituality and sexuality are my biggest inspirations

In the other hand through my clothes design, as a quilter, I renew clothes - make art of them. All my clothes are unique, and designed for each individual customer. I design for people with a strong personality, brave, and self-confident. Clothes are quilted, painted, and hand-sewn. Most of the clothes I buy from charity shops where my main idea is to support and help others who need it.
Sawing is connecting, where I want to show that connecting our inner worlds, even if they are broken we can connect our outside worlds

I could say that I admire Picasso, Dalí and Kandinsky, they left a big influence on me but also I believe that every artist has to be original, different, and unique

I had several collective and solo exhibitions, in Barcelona and London. Have had collaboration with The Cult House, Never Fad concept store, Parallax art fair, Portobello and Old Spitafields markets and more.

My art is my passion, as long as I’m inspired I’m going to keep doing things. It is part of me. I believe my mission is to help others and don’t let them fall in the misery that life can bring sometimes. Through my messages, stories, art that I am creating, my own experiences I had and that I never give up
As one of the messengers in this world, I believe that the connection between the universe and the earth is in our hearts. It is up to us how we going to open it and use it

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